Construction and Engineering Awards 2021

85 Construction and Engineering Awards 2021 BUILD ver the years, Enviro Epoxy Products Inc. has become the standard for exemplary flooring. Having been used in all manner of professional and private capacities from residential garages to warehouses, factories, and even aircraft hangers, its premium epoxy and concrete repair products have propelled it into the spotlight as businesses and individuals alike leave it glowing reviews for its products effectiveness and longevity. Having been founded over 20 years ago, President and CEO Terrence DeSouza was committed to ensuring that Enviro Epoxy Products has become the leading premium manufacturer for its sector, and every day brings it closer and closer to this become an indisputable fact as its provisions bring the wow factor to every client’s project. Whilst there are many ways to produce cheap epoxy, such methods are evened out by how harmful the chemicals used in the process are. Thus, since its founding, Enviro Epoxy Products has been striving to find the solution to this problem, producing environmentally friendly epoxy and concrete repair that won’t produce volatile organic compounds and harm the ecosystem around it. Fundamentally, Enviro Epoxy Products believe in corporate environmental responsibility, treading lightly where it can and leading by example when it comes to revolutionising previously harmful chemical compounds for home and industrial use. Enviro Epoxy Products Inc. is a company that has gained notoriety for revamping an old product into something much better suited to contemporary markets. With epoxy floor fixing kits for use in everything from industrial to commercial and private spaces, this company has dedicated itself to making itself the best environmentally friendly and highly efficient flooring repair service available. O Its flagship product and core solvent-free solid epoxy coating system can be safely used in any location, therefore, from homes to industries and commercial properties. According to the CEO, this product is also a front-runner in underground construction and industrial practice, being the only solid epoxy coating to be used in a mine 1.25 miles below ground and heralding in a new generation of innovation. In this way, its upcoming products will be similarly ground-breaking, with an upcoming epoxy product for concrete floors with the added benefit of being fast-setting and UV friendly. In essence, Enviro Epoxy from Enviro Epoxy Products has a core focus on the methods of manufacture used in its industry. By taking these methodologies and revolutionising them, updating them to better fit a modern age that must be more environmentally conscious and socially knowledgeable, it works with certified professional applicators only who can apply products to a wide variety of surfaces and spaces for any client in safety and to great effect. In this manner, it can ensure quality by guaranteeing its staff will be working with only the best tools, and therefore achieving only the best results. Moreover, it wishes to fight the misconception that concrete doesn’t damage. It does; but this is where Enviro Epoxy Products can step in to help, resolving wear and tear for even the oldest flooring. The concrete repair kits it offers can handle any job from seamless touch-ups to complete surface rejuvenations, refusing to sacrifice quality or efficiency, and always working with the highest quality customer service to respond to demands for transparent epoxy repairs. With the supply challenges of lockdowns, closures, and price increases, Enviro Epoxy Products has rallied around itself to ensure it can continue to provide this. Offering the same levels of excellence that its clients have come to expect, it looks forward to welcoming many more customers through its doors in the upcoming years, staunchly remaining their one-stop-shop for innovative epoxy floor repair. Company: Enviro Epoxy Products Inc. Contact: Tanya de Souza Website: Jun21414 Best Epoxy Coating Applications Manufacturing Company - Canada