Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 12 Jul22421 ver the years, Fisher Construction Consultants Ltd (Fisher CCL) has had the pleasure of working on an array of intricate projects throughout the United Kingdom, including repairing the canopy at St. James’ Park. Numerous challenges have come the company’s way since its founding in 2009; however, it has consistently met – and often exceeded – its business goals. For example, its recent work with a major Blue Stock company has enabled Fisher CCL to build a strong portfolio, resulting in Fisher CCL having the support to become a nationwide contractor. Site surveys and defect reports, construction, and civil engineering all fall within Fisher CCL’s offerings, and the company is happy to cater to any extra requirements. Be it a small or large project, Fisher CCL strives to provide the client with an unmatched service that prioritises their wants and needs, with the contractor’s ultimate goal being to support its customers. When involved in a project, therefore, it endeavours to be a part of the entire scheme rather that just its section of work, as this allows it to gain an understanding of the project and establish a pathway to efficacy. Fisher CCL is, perhaps, best known for its full site surveys, which include drain inspection surveys and report documentation. The intensive survey comes complete with drawings and the report presented in a hard and digital format, as not only does this bolster accessibility for clients, but it also guarantees posterity and safekeeping. If required, Fisher CCL also provides a defects report and potential budget costings in order to help the client plan ahead and fulfil their duties as managers. One of the company’s most recent works has seen it undertake alterations to a major distribution hub’s facility. The project has provided Fisher CCL with the opportunity to provide advice on and the installation of items such as a fuel tank, which had to be relocated in order to give access for a new cold room extension to the client’s facility. Steel reinforced raft foundations were designed and implemented in the fuel tank and cold room locations alongside a Class 1 oil interceptor and drainage system, as this ensured that the project complied with environmental legislation. When working with clients, Fisher CCL exudes understanding, compassion, and enthusiasm. Its clients are its priority – it wants to please them, to surpass their expectations. Therefore, it goes above and beyond for its clients in order to provide exceptional solutions that are both bespoke and functional in nature. Client-centricity is, in essence, what the company prides itself on, as this is what has attracted many of its larger clients to its services. Moreover, this is what the company’s excellent reputation is reliant upon. This is also what the Fisher CCL cites as its unique selling point; it is dedicated to its client no matter what. A great example of this devotion is when the company attended a meeting for a project that required a foundation. It was during this meeting, while discussing other works on the site, that it was realised that an interceptor drainage system was needed, requiring it to be designed and installed within a fortnight otherwise the entire project would be delayed by over a month. Fisher CCL stepped in – the interceptor drainage system was designed, installed, and commissioned within the necessary timeframe. Of course, with the current challenges hitting the industry, this type of attentiveness is going to become increasingly difficult. The construction world is facing pressure due to mounting materials costs, which have been further exacerbated by supply chain issues and an overall lack of availability. Fisher CCL hopes that these hurdles will ease within the near future, regaining some form of normality. Despite these challenges, Fisher CCL has several projects in the works, with a busy end of the year rapidly approaching. Demand is increasing and, as a result, the company has plans to expand its operations by growing its clientele. Through doing this, Fisher CCL will further boost its national profile, and will be able to work on a greater range of interesting projects. O The past 13 years have documented Fisher Construction Consultants Ltd’s rise to nationwide success, with ground-breaking projects across several sectors serving as milestones. Yet, whilst the company’s past has been filled with excitement, the future appears to represent greater prestige. Time stops for no one, but for Fisher Construction Consultants Ltd, this is its biggest motivator to expand and evolve. Best Construction & Civil Engineering Contractors - North East England