Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 32 Therefore, thanks to his strong idealism and with the support of this group of collaborators, Kepler’s first project was born. This commitment has continued ever since, over the years building the name and prestige that Kepler holds today. Sadly, Ricardo Arocha Morton is no longer with us, but his seal of excellence, integrity, and professionalism lives on in the company he built, and it is currently composed of different industry professionals, all highly trained in a variety of areas in engineering. Kepler knows that it is its people who make the company, and thus, it sees their continuous training as an important investment. It has always believed in providing education and certifying its staff, in their different levels. The company also has certain procedures, systems, and controls that its team follow in their work, ensuring projects are completed within timescale and the overall efficient productivity and outstanding quality of the final result. Because of this, Kepler is sure to work with only the most efficient and best trained professionals in Mexico, meaning its skilled workers are among the best in the country’s construction workforce. Kepler has set the standard. Company: Kepler Constructora SA de CV Contact: Alicia Abigail Arocha Barnetche Email: [email protected] Website: epler Constructora is a leading industrial construction company that is 100% Mexican and specialises in the industries of mining/metallurgy, steel, petrochemical, oil and gas, and power generation. It has earned a solid reputation and a highly recognised and respected name for delivering successful projects of high complexity which require strict cost, quality, and safety management. These projects are completed for the world’s largest and most prestigious multinational industrial companies, including Samsung, Technip Energies, Ternium, Siemens, ArcelorMittal, ICA FLUOR, Goldcorp, M3 Mexicana, Hatch, Barrick, Iberdola, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Westinghouse International and Hitachi Zosen to name a few. The Kepler team are guided to complete projects to a high standard by the company’s vision of “Build the Mexico and the world we all want”. Underlying this are values of safety, quality, commitment, creativity, integrity, loyalty, responsibility, and teamwork. General President of the company, Alicia Barnetche Pous de Arocha says, “At Kepler, we have realised that when we base all our actions on these values, we get what every company seeks: customer satisfaction and therefore repeat customers, prestige, recognition, and growth. “This comes as the result of continuous improvement; we are focused on permeating these values, and making them one with our culture and the processes within our daily operations.” Since its inception, Kepler has risen to the challenge of large-scale projects, and this quickly revealed its spectacular ability and expert know-how, not only in dealing with important contracts, but to carry them out with efficiency and success, regardless of how complex they might seem. The company’s founder, Ricardo Arocha Morton was the total visionary and bold man who was imagining the future of construction in the 1970s and creating the structure of such a great company. With a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the Texas A&M University, Ricardo was driven by his interest in creating a leading company specialising in industrial construction. Thus, he sought out and brought together a group of people, in whom he saw the perseverance and effort necessary to become the forefathers of the industrial construction revolution that Mexico needed. Kepler Constructora takes its name from the scientist known for discovering the elliptical orbit of the planets around the sun, precursor of celestial mechanics, as well as modern optics. With this modern vision, Ricardo Arocha Morton founded Kepler in 1975. Today, it is still a family-owned business and has been led by women for 22 years. K Aug22232 Industrial Construction Company of the Year 2022