Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 37 Most Innovative Residential Architecture Practice – Japan websites, which focus on architecture, education, history, and the earth; and yet another involves work on a factory building, with the emphasis very much on efficiency and the ease of maintenance. “YDS is now designing several projects including residentials, hotels, and kindergartens. We have so many unrealized projects which we embrace. When the intensity of spirits and density of concepts reach to eccentric point, architectures to be built would stimulate human spirits and open ups new worlds.” When approaching new projects, basic concepts are decided by Yoshitaka and are then discussed over sketches and models with members of the team to evolve concepts and designs. To differentiate itself from others in this fiercely competitive industry, YDS focuses on its original ideas and concepts which are based on five main principles. “Driven by these principles and philosophies, we can start to discuss various points and issues of projects,” elaborates Yoshitaka. “Nothing is taken for granted as we pursue stimulating concept and design, and our realized projects demonstrate several innovative concepts and ideas.” The architecture and building industry has experienced significant burdens concerning climate change and, as architects, Yoshitaka explains that not only does the group need to do its job effectively, but also with environmental care and education in mind too. Recently, the firm was recognised in the Construction and Engineering Awards 2022 and rewarded with the title of Most Innovative Residential Architecture Practice – Japan. Now, the future for the group, is looking very bright indeed and Yoshitaka tells us more about future projects. “Right now, YDS is really excited about the future of architectures and cities,” he exclaims. “With more and more architectures and cities that have clear-cut visions and designs are demanded in the world, YDS broadens the area of projects, and they design bigger scale architectures and urban plans and tries to get commissions overseas.” Contact: Yoshitaka Uchino Company: YDS Architects Web Address: stablished in 2004 by Yoshitaka Uchino, YDS Architects is an international design group headquartered in Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, consisting of architects, urbanists, thinkers, scientists, and engineers who strive for innovation in design with the mission: ‘we are visionaries of Art and Science with Philosophy.’ Born in Tokyo in 1977, Yoshitaka graduated from the University of Tokyo in 2001. Since then, his work has received much acclaim both internationally and globally, and he has received many prestigious awards for his unique visualisation and designs. Today, his practice aims to pursue innovation through design – creating beautiful spaces with nature where people feel transitions of light and shadow. Driven by these original visions, the group designs “Wavering Architectures” which stimulate human minds and invoke communications between humanity and nature. “Creating an ultimate new vision is the value the practice focuses on most,” Yoshitaka explains. “With regards to construction and engineering, we highly focus on rational design and we also emphasize the supervision of the construction site – we restart our projects when it starts its construction.” The group’s projects are very varied. One of its latest, called Organic Forests, was completed in April 2022 and it demonstrates a new concept of renovation. “YDS always strives for creating new and original concepts and basic models of architectures,” Yoshitaka enthuses. “Their original concepts and designs based upon YDS’s philosophy set them apart from others.” Another one of the group’s latest projects is creating four new By carefully unravelling the environment and history, YDS Architects aims to create architecture which eliminates the boundary between nature and urbanisation, allowing for the light, wind, and rain to be felt. We find out more about this unique concept from the company’s visionary founder in the wake of it being recognised in the Construction and Engineering Awards 2022. E Jul22186