Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 39 Most Innovative Design & Construction Company - NSW he constantly maintains a good work ethic. During site inspections, we have found the safety and cleanliness of projects under Mitchel’s supervision to be of a high standard. In my opinion, the end product that Mitchel provides is of a high standard.” Notably, in 2019 the firm was awarded a coveted Master Builders award for its design and construction project, Symbio Laboratories, which was an extremely complex build (and design) for a scientific testing laboratory. This project involved the refurbishing of a 50-year-old three-storey industrial building to meet the stringent requirements of a physical containment level 2 laboratory. Technically challenging and demanding the highest level of compliance in design and construction, Bull & Bear delivered a high quality fitout including explosion-proof rooms; fume cupboards; incubator rooms; and air tight, quarantine grade rooms. Further, in September 2022, Bull & Bear was awarded a further three coveted Master Builders awards in the categories of “Commercial Extensions, Renovations & Refurbishments”, “Commercial Interiors & Shop Fitouts” and “House Alterations, Additions & Renovations”. A further testament to their ability to continually deliver high quality Design & Construction projects. This achievement alone is an outstanding example as to why the firm has been named ‘Most Innovative Design & Construction Company – NSW’. And the team is showing no signs of stopping when it comes to their work, with an array of exciting Design & Construction projects in the pipeline such as the multi-storey Glebe Road Commercial, The Green Roof Hotel, King Street Hotel, Rosser House, Tse House, Little Mavericks, Fraser House, Dumaresq House, Lane House, Daniher House, Pericleous House, Spar Mart Hamilton and 2012 Tattoo. There’s so much more to come from for this leading-edge firm, and we’re exciting to see what’s next. Company: Bull & Bear Projects Direct message via: Website: Instagram: @bullandbearprojects Facebook: @bullandbearprojects ull & Bear Projects truly delves into the “why” behind a project, getting to know the client on both a personal and professional level in order to provide design solutions that leave them in awe. In doing so, its design and construct model is so refined that it is able to produce beautiful, functional, cost-effective projects that go above and beyond expectations. The team approaches each project with a focus on the client’s specific project requirements, achieved by working with them from the early conceptual phase to form a comprehensive “design and construction” client brief which outlines their vision. This includes certain functions and purposes of the building, any particular design style which should be focused on, as well as highlighting the building’s aesthetic and size, and the client’s budget. During the design phase, the team is able to design the project while effectively providing accurate construction costings, allowing them to take full control of the design and ensure the project is kept on track before seeking development approvals or commencing construction. Director of Design & Construction, Mitchel Bates says, “I would describe our approach and ethos as ‘holistic’, encompassing and balancing the project’s financial constraints, the project’s specific functions and purpose with the client’s taste in style and their individuality to drive a successful design and construct project.” When it comes to the building stage of the project, Bull & Bear is committed to ensuring the highest standard of craftmanship throughout, by working with qualified and experienced tradespersons, vetted by its project management team to ensure consistent quality and compliance. However, it is inevitable that during construction, design changes and challenges will be presented, no matter who is building. With Bull & Bear’s internal design management team, it is able to make on the spot, considered decisions to ensure such challenges are dealt with without delay or cost impacts associated with waiting for external design teams. A previous client of Bull & Bear comments, “I have found Mitchel to be diligent in solving design problems and Bull & Bear Projects is an award-winning New South Wales-based design and construct builder, with projects spanning across commercial, hospitality, medical, science, civil engineering, retail fitouts, and custom residential homes. Its team’s specialty is understanding the client’s ideas and developing their vision into a sophisticated design that meets their requirements, with each project utilising innovative, current design techniques and products to ensure an end result that is just as unique as the client themselves. B Jun22607