Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 4 Aug22218 anufacturing is a major part of the US economy, enjoying a major resurgence over the last few years, but maintaining the enormous machines that keep industry running is no easy task. To ensure that businesses can continue to operate requires incredible skill, but the talent pool for those who can commit to supporting day to day operations is increasingly small. Many businesses have the capacity to fix the little problems that arise, but most require help from partner organisations to ensure that they can continue operating. It’s businesses such as MHMM that tackle the big challenges that these businesses face, taking on the burden of ensuring that they can continue to provide the vital equipment and goods we need. Offering an innovative and flexible solution to their clients, the team have become an invaluable resource to their customers. Maintenance and engineering departments alike have sung the praises of the team’s remarkable response to the various situations that have arisen, no matter what speciality is required. Since opening their doors, the team at MHMM have specialised in supporting food manufacturing plants and restaurants, offering preventive maintenance, repairs and installation on equipment. No job is too big or too small for this leading service provider, as they take on individual pieces of equipment and full new lines of products with equal levels of success. The plants play a crucial role in the ways in which we live, producing items such as bread, buns, rolls, sweet goods, breakfast items, snacks, health bars, beverage and food spreads. It’s the team at MHMM, however, that keep these businesses running to the highest possible standards. MHMM is a relatively new firm, with founders Rick and Celeste Drew only opening their doors to the service industry in 2018. They had a single employee and operated out of the family garage with a handful of customers. It soon became clear that there was enormous demand for their stunning services and since then the business has grown to its current level of success. What keeps industry going? How can you be certain that your machines will keep on running, no matter what? For many companies, it’s down to the hard work and diligent mindset of the team at Mile High Millwrights & Maintenance. Recognised for their achievements in the food and manufacturing industry, we can’t wait to find out how they’ve reached such heights of success. M Many well-known clients depend upon their efforts whether it’s consulting on plant support capital projects or being called out at all times of the day and night when there’s a breakdown. No two projects are the same, but each is approached with the same attention to detail that provides a truly trendsetting approach to business. High standards are always hard to set, and even harder to maintain, but the team makes the process look incredibly easy. With various stakeholders involved in most projects, they make a commitment to keeping in contact at regular intervals. To provide the leading service that customers expect, MHMM undertakes to explore and examine the full scope of any project, how it fits into the broader ambitions of the business and manage customer expectation through the Best Food & Manufacturing Service Provider - Mountain States USA