Construction and Engineering Awards 2021

BUILD Construction and Engineering Awards 2021 86 mind. Based on the principles of nature, organic voids, urban squares, flowing promenades, diversifying symbiosis, and innovative new designs, it will always push the envelope of progress in order to shape the future of architecture in general. YDS Architects’ Sanshi Forests Apartment incorporated each of these elements perfectly. A true encapsulation of its values and prowess, the stairs form the heart of the building, with cantilevered exposed concrete and floating promenades that give the illusion of an ethereal ‘tower of light’. Each project, therefore, becomes a labour of love between the designers and the client both, with sketches and models done over and over until they are just right. Whilst its projects are simple in their design and execution, this allows them to be endlessly effective, both for cost and for purpose, resulting in something sophisticated and functionally sound that puts them head and shoulders above the competition. Despite recent delays and challenges, it is excited to soon begin work on its ‘organic forest’ project for a large house in Tokyo. This total renovation clearly reflects the values of YDS Architects, and it is excited to be able to incorporate in its classic themes and methodologies to create yet another stunning example of its work, one which will also allow it to display some of its newer innovations as it moves towards the rest of the year. Company: YDS Architects Contact: Yoshitaka Uchino Website: group of exemplary architectural experts, YDS Architects is a company full of engineers, urbanists, free-thinkers, and scientists, all of whom work together to create the most beautiful and incredible architectural innovations. Each of them is a visionary, and each structure they create has art, science, and philosophy at its core, resulting in a company with a reputation for comprehensive excellence and impactful designs that will stand as a monument to pushing the boundaries of the architecture industry. Fundamentally, a core principle in its work is working with light and shadow. In working in this way, it has a distinctive way of guiding the eye that doesn’t overtake the specifications and needs of a client, but allows it to incorporate those specifications in new and outstanding ways, ensuring that a building works in tandem with nature. In essence, to YDS Architects, a structure should always be a part of the landscape, not just something built upon it. In this manner, its founding values promise a client that the result will always be one that breaks down the boundaries between nature and modernity, making use of its own construction and development methods in order to do this. Furthermore, when it comes to these practices, it puts significant emphasis on inspection and oversight. During every stage of the build, YDS Architects will schedule check-ins and walk-arounds in order to ensure everything is on schedule, to specification, and well- done, for instance when working with reinforced concrete. Moreover, its designs have become known as ‘wavering architectures’ for how they stimulate and challenge the human Most Innovative Inclusive Architecture Practice - Japan YDS Architects, the winner of the ‘Best Residential Access Architecture Project’ for Japan’s ‘Space of Stairs’ Project, has been earning more and more notoriety as a firm and as a creator of artistic spaces since its inception. With a dedicated, hardworking, and enthusiastic team of highly motivated professionals, it can guarantee that every one of its projects will be as beautiful as they are functional, keeping a finger on the pulse of its industry so that it can always deliver the most front-running architectural designs. A Jun21690