Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 10 Jun22603 roperty development is not an easy task, with those who want the highest quality have to search incredibly hard to find those who can excel at the production of luxury buildings. The development of these incredible project doesn’t just involve finding the right building partners, but by combining the various talents of architects, interior designers, specialists and workmen to bring one consistent vision to life. Pro Reno are the team who can bring that vision to life. Originally a Flemish company, Pro Reno has been active on the Costa del Sol for a number of years. Made up by Nathalie Smilovici and Mike Peeters, the team have built their business on an approach which uses solid construction principles and decorations. The quality of what they deliver stands above and beyond the rest of the competition, which is how they have reached a position of such high esteem within the community. Both of them created the company because they had a shared interest in the passion in realising building projects. Having seen various different concepts for ideas fall by the wayside, or lose the initial quality, Nathalie and Mike brought together their own skills to correctly execute projects of all sizes. Both come from Belgium, and have committed to using the skills they learned here and bring them to people who want to complete projects in the Costa del Sol. These skills involve the buying, remodelling and reselling of various properties within Belgium. The primary difference has been in doing this work collaboratively with clients. The involvement has allowed both Nathalie and Mike to learn new skills both professionally and personally. Those who want to renovate or refurnish their properties on the Costa del Sol should definitely turn to the team from Pro Reno, because they are more than capable of assisting them in all aspects of this often-complex process. Building projects demand the best that can be made available, and no one understands this more than the team at Pro Reno. Having been active on the Costa del Sol for many years, the team’s reputation for quality truly speaks for itself. We take a closer look at how the business has been able to thrive over the last few years, culminating in such success in BUILD’s Construction and Engineering Awards 2022. P A look at any of the team’s before and after images shows that the team can not only take on a range of tasks, but are more than capable of delivering massive change with the addition of small details. Those who thrive in the construction industry are able to achieve the largest impact through precise decisions. Nothing sums up the work of the Pro Reno team better than this, as they take on older and tired properties and bring them new life with ease. Renovation is more than integral structural rebuilds, with the Pro Reno team taking a holistic view on precisely how best to rejuvenate the way your property looks. No detail is too small and no aspect is ever overlooked. Every project is treated as its own unique proposition, drawing on the needs of the client, the appearance of the property and the team’s own perspective on the best possible way to bring these projects to life. The Pro Reno team are expert collaborators, constantly consulting clients to ensure that their vision is being brought to life. With the ability to support clients in Dutch, French, English and Spanish, Pro Reno’s talented staff literally speak their client’s language! The obvious benefit of working with the Pro Reno team is having an experienced partner on hand to be your point of contact with the rest of the project team. Restoration work can encompasses so many different aspects, and finding the right people who can not only deliver the highest quality results, but on time and on budget can be immensely challenging. Over the years, the Pro Reno team has been delighted to work with the best and brightest that the industry has to offer, pulling together an incredible pool of talented firms who can handle any challenge that is thrown at them. Luxury runs through the very fabric of Pro Reno. There is no decision they make that doesn’t add to the overall comfort, look or value of a property – usually they manage to achieve all three! Working alongside the team is a sure-fire way of making sure that you develop a stunning property that anybody might want to live in, ideal if you want to sell at a later date. The house of your dreams is all about the tiny details, and this is something that the Pro Reno team is more than capable of attending to. Since opening their doors, the firm has gained a reputation for knowing how to adding those essential finishing touches that make a house into a home. The team offer interior and exterior painting, with teams well equipped with special painting techniques that will make your property stand out, alongside curtains and wall coverings as well as interior and exterior furniture. Best Sanitary & Bathroom Renovation Company - Costa del Sol