Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 9 nature of renewable energy solutions means that good battery solutions are essential. In the long run, the implementation of a smarter electricity grid will be essential to the UK’s further development, supporting the integration of more carbon power, heat and transport technologies. Renewable technology in all its forms is going to be a major resource throughout the country. The position of DwD Renewables, therefore, is at the forefront of this transformational technology. They are not only able to provide expert advice in how best to utilise it, but a practical attitude that has been invaluable to companies of all sorts. Whether it’s a charging point or ground mount installation, solar panels or simply piling, they know precisely how to approach these challenges to get the best possible result. Such a comprehensive mindset is why DwD Renewables continues to be an incredible resource for all. Company: DwD Renewables Name: Lisa Jones Email: [email protected]