Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 14 Aug22295 ushaj Construction, a company that has plied its trade in the comprehensive and holistic service of its clients over the years, wishes to help its clients in achieving their big ideas. Whether these are in developing their business, completing an ambitious construction project for the home, or fixing an issue with the pipes, Vushaj Construction promises to provide the utmost quality of service every time, led by the expert mind of Alberto Vushaj in all these services. Having found its beginnings in 1994, Vushaj has committed himself to bringing a fair-priced, exemplary, and holistic answer to construction work to the Saint Louis area. Nominally, its specialities mirror his own, lying in interior and exterior plumbing both. This includes excavation, grading, hauling, and concrete work, making it a one-stop-shop when it comes to ensuring the health of a building’s working processes as well as its interior aesthetics and interior façade. Critically, in order to carry out all this work to the best of its ability, Vushaj Construction has fostered a true understanding of the American dream within its team that inspires each of its projects as a core motivator; from competition to opportunity and challenge, it seeks to rise above any adversity faced in its industry or in its projects through tenacity and determination. Therefore, the work ethic that forms a throughline in this company’s efforts has become renowned as second to none. Licensed, bonded, and insured, it strives to provide the utmost peace of mind for its clients by making sure that they can trust its work implicitly, inviting them to get in touch to discuss exactly what they want and exactly how Vushaj Construction can achieve this. After all, a significant part of its business model is keeping a client informed of what the plans, goals, and processes they will be using will entail, so that the aforementioned peace of mind can be achieved through making a client an integral part of the process. Indeed, Vushaj Construction strives to keep the client at the very heart of a build throughout its work. This ensures that it never forgets why it is working, for whom, and to what end, with each of the professionals undertaking the construction being committed to checking in with the founder himself in order to ensure that everything is going to the specifications the client has laid out. Vushaj himself ensures this from the very first interaction with a client, taking them through an in-depth consultation process in which he tries to get to know them, the project, and their goals in a comprehensive manner. Missouri, as a crucible of business is one that is vibrant, thriving, and full of challenge and opportunity both for an enterprising mogul such as Alberto Vushaj, allowing him to truly flex his business muscles when it comes to doing some serious heavy lifting for him industry. In this manner, he has been able to become a strong contender for the top spot amongst construction and plumbing experts, hence winning him and his company this award citing the excellence of the plumbing services that his team carry out. With a rating of 4.7 on Angi, a local reviewer that includes customer reviews of excavators and construction professionals, the clients who have left it testimonials through this site consistently laud Vushaj Construction’s work as thorough and impeccably specialised. One reviewer, having hired Vushaj Construction to repair a broken sewer, left it a 5-star rating for its comprehensive and enviable efforts. Indeed, the punctual nature of the company and its professionals was also noted, as well as the attention to detail that the construction experts on site implemented when carrying out the job proper; having finished the repair, Vushaj Construction was applauded for filling the site back in properly and well. Moreover, they also planted some grass around the site so that the area would grow to be a well concealed and natural element of the grounds once again. The prices are also considered very reasonable by its clients, and this is something that it has always worked hard to implement throughout the lifespan of the business, from the very beginning right up to the present day. With the good pricing, the excellent dedication to showing up on time and conducting its jobs with the given time frame, and the attention to the little V With a motto of ‘quality first and always’, Vushaj Construction’s good reputation has been one proven time and again by its outstanding team, each of whom do their utmost to ensure a client is satisfied with their work. Its construction and plumbing services cover a wide variety working techniques and the like, such as ironworking, interior design, and beatific finishes, all of which it has been able to implement in such projects as the impeccably realised 8000 Ivory Avenue. Plumbing Company of the Year 2022 - St. Louis