Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 15 Ensuring the client was never without water overnight, they were on time, cost-competitive, and very empathic throughout towards this client, who now recommends them happily and states how they were happy to host Vushaj Construction’s professionals within their house. In both cases, and across all others, it has strived for only the best of the best; and will continue to do so as it moves forward towards the future. Company: Vushaj Construction Contact: Alberto Vushaj Website: details that many of its peers forget, it consistently endears itself to yet more of its market segment. Another review speaks to how, when Vushaj Construction dug up their basement and lawn, the company managed to pull the old line out and push the new copper through without issue, making the home a far more efficient system internally and taking out bloated old elements that may have resulted in problems down the line. The upstairs and downstairs plumbing was also replaced in a truly outstanding manner, allowing the home to easily pass city inspection. Moreover, they did all this within the span of 3 days!