Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 17 floor joists, all of which could bring serious issues for residents and users of the space. Moreover, the electrics and plumbing were also dangerous in places, and its findings were agreed upon by Building Control who allows it to shut the site for a full investigation, action plan, and implementation that was overseen by the Director and the Head Structural Engineer who designed the project. Advice was sought, the project was recalibrated, and the original architect was also asked to attend – although he did not acknowledge the request. Throughout, the clients were kept in the loop so that they knew what was going on, and so began healing the damage that several other incompetent professionals and tradespeople had done to the client’s trust. This was something that Creative Project Services discovered in just how much money the client had already sunk into the property and is something it treated with the utmost empathy throughout the process, working hard to rebuild their faith in the industry by operating in the most oversight-heavy and accountable manner possible. Indeed, by taking its time and making sure that every element of the build was appropriately well managed, it was able to finish this build with flawless success. Although it took about 6 months, every second of that time was put to good use in creating a beautiful family home without any of the problems that would otherwise have plagued them, resulting in a restored faith in architectural professionals for the clients as well as a forever home they love. Since, Creative Project Services has been contracted for phase 2, and is excited to get started. With an incredibly skilled management and design team, it takes projects from the very first interaction all the way through to completion on time and within budget. Everything will be discussed with the utmost transparency in mind, as its communication is something it is known for, and it is happy to utilise everything from coloured plans to 3D visuals, mood boards, and more to show a client what it has in mind and to allow them to pitch in with any changes. Its team are enthused by a challenge and have pushed through the pandemic and Brexit both in order to keep offering its exemplary architecture solutions. The rest of 2022, therefore, is characterised by the usual beautiful projects for fantastic clients, all of which it is incredibly excited about, and to the rest of its industry it wishes only to say ‘watch this space’. Company: Creative Project Services Contact: Elliot Wakeford Website: