Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 16 Jun22720 reative Project Services is an exemplary home design and build firm that has built a reputation for passion, productivity, and punctuality. Its efforts have earned it the utmost respect in its industry, with its values keeping it one of its front-running firms; being communicative and managing expectations along the way, it turns a project into a mutual passion project within which a client has as much say over the proceedings as they would like to. Therefore, it has become well known as being consistent as well as excellent in its work. With an always-open line of discussion between client and contractor, the quality of work it produces is always impeccable, the relationships it forms along the way being something it maintains the health of even after the work is done. In this manner, it has cultivated a vast network of clientele for whom it is their one stop shop in architecture and build realisation, cementing its position in their minds as not just a deliverer of expert design and construction services, but as a lifelong partner in bringing ideas to life. Moreover, its turnkey solutions allow it to handle projects of all shapes, sizes and scales. The staff who make it possible are just as diverse in their knowledge and experience, each of them bringing something new and invaluable to the firm so that it may operate with the utmost empathy and sensitivity. In this manner, each voice within its industry is seen, heard, and valued, the different experiences that each of its team members bring to the table allow it to continue expanding and developing as a creative company in order to achieve a wider range of visions. From its planning experts to its designers, architects, construction Based out of Crowthorne, Creative Project Services has made a name for itself with an inimitable setup and a front-running commitment to its clients. It ensures that its clients will always walk away truly satisfied and thoroughly content with its work, having kept them at the very heart of the process throughout, and resulting in highly individual and unique spaces that reflect the customer’s wants, needs, and lifestyle. Such a personalised service, delivered by such an impeccable team of professionals, sets it apart from its peers and ensures that its renown grows with every project it completes. C Best Architectural Design/Build Firm 2022 - Home Counties experts, project managers, and health and safety team, all are supported and credited appropriately for their hard work. Fundamentally, it wishes to breathe life into the visions of its clients in this way. Working on high-end builds that it realises for its clients in an impeccable manner – one that both pays attention to fine detail and takes the bigger picture into account – Creative Project Services offers everything from home refurbishment to new build development. Recently, it was able to ply its trade in this manner to create a large extension and refurbishment project. This house, on a prestigious road, was in serious need of rescue by the experts, with a 5,500 square foot area in need of complete remodel. Initial survey found poor and dangerous workmanship, major structural framework problems – the house was only supported by 3 bolts and a few bison beams – and missing