Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 19 Jul22330 Best Automated Access Systems Supplier 2022 - Northern England Having created an all-new traffic control system that has been gaining traction in its industry, Crucial Engineering is excited to say that its current growth has been made possible by the new customers that its barrier has brought its way. Critically, it hopes to be a guiding light in its industry, leading the sector into the future with solar power fuelled technologies that work with effectiveness, efficiency, and budget friendliness, making it the new darling of new technologies as a result. ominally, Crucial Engineering’s newest claim to fame is its solar powered traffic barrier. This technology, its interchangeable batteries, and innovative, frontrunning design as the first system of its kind have all made it a true diamond amongst the options available to the industry and the peers within it; due to this, it’s already seen massive amounts of interest from the market segment. One such company with interest has been Travis Perkins, a noted industry titan, which is part of an initiative on the part of its over 700 branches in the UK seriously looking into how they can positively reduce their carbon footprint – and something that Crucial Engineering is proud to help facilitate. The highways agency is also interested in these solar barriers in order to help them easier and more effectively control motorway traffic as they move the works down. Requiring no mains power, with batters that can be switched out for ones that fit the external weather conditions they’re operating under, Crucial Engineering’s solar barriers are a perfect solution for intensive, long-term outdoor works. Fundamentally, this product N has been created to be effective and easy to install, making it a huge step forward to reducing the harmful carbon footprint of the sector whilst also making the lives of professionals that much easier. In the future, these barriers will continue to make a difference with environmentally sustainable, easy-to-implement, and costeffective measures. Continuing the commitment to innovation that led to the creation of the barriers in the first place, Crucial Engineering promises to continue its push towards greater ingenuity, ensuring that its product will fit the changing industry it serves even as the world rapidly keeps developing further. The barriers are also highly mobile, as adaptable as the company itself, and it is this flexibility that is ensuring the great levels of future success currently on the cards for it, its clients, and its market segment. Company: Crucial Engineering Contact: Paul Van Heeswyk Website: