Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 20 Fire Safety’s fire risk assessment and support, along with subsequent corrective work implemented by the contractor, led to the revocation of the Enforcement Notice and enabled the contractors to continue residing in the building’s basement. Furthermore, DB Fire Safety’s more contemporary projects involved performing fire risk assessments at Heythrop Hall in conjunction with the building contractors that were working on renovations. DB Fire Safety’s objective was to ensure that the workers were protected. Additionally, the company collaborated with McLaren Construction, on their Wembley construction welfare site. On such projects, DB Fire Safety takes a bespoke approach, tailoring its services towards each unique location – after all, a building site is drastically different to a school or office. All of the company’s clients receive a one-on-one service, resulting in a streamlined and transparent process. Additionally, such clients receive comprehensive documentation detailing mandatory requirements as well as recommendations for ‘best practice.’ It is this approach that sets DB Fire Safety apart from its competitors. The market is full of fire risk assessors, especially after the tragedy at Grenfell Tower; however, good and competent assessors are extremely busy. DB Fire Safety is constantly working with clients, and it leverages its experiences to bolster its evolution and growth. DB Fire Safety is a member of the Fire Protection Association, as well as The UK Fire Association. David Black is also listed on The Register of Competent Fire Risk Assessors with The Institute of Fire Safety Managers, as well as being an Affiliate Member of The Institute of Fire Safety Engineers. As a result of this continued growth, DB Fire Safety is setting its sights on expansion, and as business has increased over the past few years, the future is looking bright. Contact: David Black Company: DB Fire Safety Limited Web Address: n order to deliver fire risk assessments free from any potential conflicts of interest, such as the provision or upkeep of fire extinguishers or fire alarm systems, DB Fire Safety Limited was founded in November 2013. Across England and Wales, the company offers complete support to business owners and building contractors, with this assistance including providing contractors with access to Fire Strategy Materials to help them create safe new buildings or conversions. In addition to this, DB Fire Safety specialises in performing fire risk assessments for schools, care facilities, and apartment buildings. During its time in the field, DB Fire Safety has worked on numerous large-scale projects. For example, the first time the company became involved with a building contractor was when a Fire Officer and an HSE Inspector issued an Enforcement Notice to a contractor that was transforming a vacant office building into more than 100 apartments. The inspection uncovered that there were 80 contractors living in the basement with no fire safety precautions. DB What would you do in the event of a fire? If your building’s fire safety standards aren’t up to date, this could seriously compromise your or your team’s safety. There are many fire safety consultancies in the industry; however, DB Fire Safety Limited is at the forefront, ensuring that businesses, schools, building sites, and more, are compliant with current regulations. I Jun22651 Best Independent Fire Safety Consultancy 2022 - England