Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 24 years, and over 2,000 completed projects, the team at PL Tilers have sought to set new standards for how the industry works. The team has worked in a host of different situations, installing their tiles in hotels, restaurants, spas and gyms, collaborating with avant-garde architects and interior designers to bring their visions to life. Clients are drawn in by the firm’s unique mosaic finishes, drawing on an awareness of graphic design that many in the tiling industry simply don’t have. The result is one which is instantly appealing to the eye. As might be expected, these projects range from the commercial to the domestic, but the quality of what is on offer is never in doubt. The team work with the best companies in the tiling industry to ensure that what they offer is of the highest possible standards. They carry out all of their jobs according to “British Standards”, meeting every applicable legal standard with their work. Needless to say, the world of tiling has changed significantly over the last four decades, and the PL Tilers team have made it their mission to explore the potential of new ideas and concepts. Their projects are forward thinking in every respect, drawing on the latest technologies to ensure they are achieved in as efficient and effective a manner as possible. Over the years, PL Tilers has undertaken many projects, with some of the team’s most recent including various Bisazza mosaic steamrooms and a swimming pool project in Central London. The expansion of the firm into high quality swimming pools showcases how the demand for this sort of work has continued to rise as the years have gone on. At the heart of PL Tilers is a determination to take tiling to the next level. When we look at the team’s hard work, we can see clearly that the results are stunning. We cannot wait to see where PL Tilers goes next as they move into exciting new areas of tiling excellence. Company: PL Tilers Ltd Name: Przemyslaw Lesniewski Email: [email protected] Web Address: he aesthetic effect of tiling is one which is often overlooked, but in the hands of a creative mind can have a truly stunning impact on the way in which a building’s interior design works. When you turn to the team at PL Tilers, you turn not only to a team which will delivering tiling that performs better than the competition, but has an innovative approach that stands apart from them in the best possible way. PL Tilers has always been a family affair, with the skills involved passed down to Przemyslaw Lesniewski by his father. What Przemyslaw brought to the table was an eye for the artisan in life, which has proven crucial to his continued success. For 38 For Przemyslaw Lesniewski of PL Tilers Ltd, tiles are not simply his job, but a passion and vocation he has spent his life on. Every project he takes on builds new levels of artistic innovation in the very fabric of how they operate. In BUILD’s Construction and Engineering Awards 2022, the team achieved double-award success. We took a closer look at how they have brought the aesthetics of tiling to a whole new level. T Jun22636 Tiling Company of the Year – Essex & Excellence Award for Mosaic Fixing Services 2022 PL Tilers Ltd