Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 23 Home Builder of the Year - West Yorkshire The team’s current build project is a range of family homes, nestled in the heart of West Yorkshire. These nine executive family houses consist of five, five-bedroom detached properties and four, four-bedroom semi-detached properties in a new cul-de-sac away from the main road. The aim has been to start small in order to learn about the challenges involved, before moving onto bigger developments that can incorporate the lessons learned. The team decided to Joint Venture with Calderdale Builders Ltd on the project, providing the designs and vision for their colleagues to deliver. The choice of collaborator actually made life considerably easier for the team to secure funding. Whilst Your Building Works had the funds to start the development, having a strong team from architects through to builders inspired confidence that they could deliver from big names such as Crowd Property Ltd. As such, the team have been able to secure investment which has allowed for a smoother development process. With the designs now settled, the funding secured and the build in progress, the team have moved onto marketing their new builds to buyers, with two already sold and many potential buyers just waiting to see what the model home will look like. West Yorkshire has many homebuilders of medium to large properties, with many constructing in Huddersfield where the team’s first project is located. Many of these properties, however, are at least 40% smaller and very few are of a comparable size. That said, whilst the initial thrust has been into executive style homes, the team are looking to expand into developments of 20 to 50 plots each with a mix of social and executive homes. From tiny acorns, the potential for something truly incredible has been born. As a team that had come from the world of renovation and conversion, you might think they had seen all of the challenges that might come from new developments. They didn’t, and they’ve planned for the learning curve. We celebrate the team’s tremendous success and look forward to their plans of expansion in the years to come. Company: Your Building Works Ltd Name: Mark Jones Email: [email protected] Web Address: hen Your Building Works was established, it was to take advantage of the enormous potential offered by West Yorkshire and to build on the team’s previous successes with refurbishments. Having renovated numerous properties before, the decision to move into home building was one which gave them a blank slate to do with as they wished. Now, three years after opening their doors, their first development is finally reaching fruition. Since opening their doors, the team at Your Building Works have aimed to provide highly spec’d homes that can be used across the market. Most builders will include quality features as extra additions, but the Your Building Works team believe that these should often be included as standard. When a family buys one of their properties, they should be able to walk in and enjoy the luxury lifestyle they’ve aimed for instantly. It’s little wonder, therefore, that the team provides high quality kitchens and bathrooms, alongside floors with exceptional carpeting and tiling and gardens that are landscaped to perfection. Plug sockets, TV points, ethernet ports and car chargers are incorporated throughout the property at no extra cost because no matter what the background, these are features that people use daily and no detail is too small to be overlooked. The housing crisis within the UK demands new developments that can provide homes for the next generation. Founded during the pandemic, the team at Your Building Works Ltd has only just gotten off the ground, but has already proven itself a leading provider in the sector. In BUILD’s Construction and Engineering Awards 2022, the firm has been recognised for its success. We dig a little deeper to find out more. W Jul22126