Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 29 Best Roof Glazing Company – UK & BUILD Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 tell the truth about products, lead times and information, creating an incredible level of trust between them and their customers. It’s not enough to provide service that is merely average. They are always demanding higher standards within every part of the business to ensure that people come back and use their products. The flagship of the range is the incredible Blade Architectural Rooflight, recognised within the industry as “quite simply the finest, most exquisitely detailed, energy efficient, minimalist flat rooflight concept ever seen”. Handmade to the highest standard, and available in a range of different sizes to suit a variety of situations, Ofset has built a reputation that stands apart from the crowd. The team have installed the Blade Rooflight almost everywhere in the UK, for both flat and pitched roofs. Working with the team on a bespoke product, with sizes ranging from 500mm x 500mm up to a staggering 6400mm x 6000mm, means the team’s idea of communication is that it is constant and frequent in order to keep up to date with any changes that might need to be made to any plans. The secret of customer service is not offering perfection every time, but managing expectations so that customers are always aware of what is happening. If something is delayed slightly, or goes off-track, the Ofset team keep their customers’ needs in mind at all times when delivering excellent service. The look of a Blade Rooflight is something that is unique in the industry, set apart from what the competition can offer. The team have tried their best to offer a radical solution that has contemporary needs at the heart of the design. As such, there is an eye for quality, an awareness of functionality and a desire for efficiency that has made these products immensely popular. When trying to find the perfect finishing touch on any project, the Blade Rooflight is truly exemplary. Design is constantly moving forward, and Blade Rooflights are the next level when it comes to this incredible industry. We celebrate the team’s success as we look forward to what they have to offer architects, builders, developers and home owners across the UK, and maybe even beyond as stories of this amazing product spread around the world. Company: Ofset Name: Ziggy Chowdry Email: [email protected] hen you turn to a team with passion, the results always go above and beyond. For the team at Ofset, rooflights are an element of a build which can elevate the final project to new and remarkable heights. Bringing with them decades of experience when it comes to design, manufacturing and construction, it’s little wonder that the firm has become renowned within the industry for their truly exceptional products. Part of the key to the team’s success is an attitude that is thoroughly committed to quality at all costs. The team always Quality design is at the heart of a quality product. Certainly, that’s the perspective of the award-winning team from Ofset. For those who want a rooflight that’ll last a lifetime, there’s no finer business to turn to. With a reputation that is without parallel, we thought it time to uncover some of the secrets of the team’s success. W Jun22709