Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 30 apart. Salt Town Contractors proudly challenge the stereotypes through an honest, ethical, and reliable approach to their work. In fact, the value of this approach has already shown a positive outcome, with several UK-wide blue-chip and notable organisations engaging with the company. The industry has, as many know, faced a myriad of difficulties within the previous two years alone, with Brexit and other factors causing an unpredictable impact to supply chains. Salt Town Contractors, however, were one of the few organisations that were able to notice the signs and identify trends in the industry to prepare for the worst. This preparation work meant that, thankfully, minimal disruption was experienced by clients and partners, with additional support offered by Salt Town Contractors for those impacted the most. Founder and Director Karl Sands comments: “Winning this award is a huge honour for us at Salt Town Contractors, not only to recognise the amazing work that our team have already completed but also to recognise our honest approach to roofing and construction. Sometimes the industry can be paired with a poor reputation, so it’s fantastic to be one of the organisations that are challenging this through good, ethical, and honest work. Having set up Salt Town Contractors at the dining room table, I honestly couldn’t be happier with how firmly we’ve progressed in a relatively short amount of time. If you told me that, in the shadow of the Pandemic, we would be leading multiple teams across the country on notable projects, big and small, I’d have thought you were joking. However, with the level of determination and drive that the team and I have, I’m not surprised in the slightest. Here’s to the next three years and beyond!” If its track record is anything to go by, Salt Town Contractors is most definitely one to watch over the coming years. Not only is an expansion on the horizon, but their roster of clients is growing rapidly. Contact: Karl Sands Company: Salt Town Contractors Website: stablished by Karl Sands a short time before the 2020 Pandemic struck, Salt Town Contractors are a privately owned, family-run business that offers specialist solutions for roofing, flat roofing, cladding, and rainscreen. Together with his wife Kim, who has taken up the role of Finance Director, and a trusted group of industry specialists, the company has firm foundations based on over 16 years of industry experience. With a name inspired by the local influences of their Northern offices, the ‘Salt Town’ of Salt Town Contractors pays homage to the strong links associated with the area and its mining community. When learning about the area, the Sands were particularly inspired by the determination, loyalty, and resilience of the mining community and, to pay their respect, wanted a name to match this mantra. Operating in such a competitive industry, it can be challenging for those working in roofing and cladding to set themselves Working across the country from their bases in the Capital and the North-West, Salt Town Contractors has fast become the go-to contractor for those looking for reliable and competitive roofing and cladding solutions. E Aug22335 Best Emerging Roofing & Cladding Specialists Company - London