Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 8 Jun22631 hen looking for a solar solution, able to operate at scale, there’s no finer place to turn than the team at DwD Renewables. Since opening their doors, they have been responsible for the development of over 100 utility scale solar farms, ranging from 1MW to 45MW. Having held responsibility for the oversight of so many projects, in such a host of different situations, it’s little wonder that the team are always looking to get involved in bold new ideas that could revolutionise the sustainable energy sector. DwD Renewables has quickly become one of the UK’s most trusted experts when it comes to high quality, bespoke sustainable energy solutions. The team has been involved in numerous projects, offering their unique perspective on how best to achieve stunning results. The services that the team has a wealth of experience in includes ground mount installation, groundworks and civils, piling, battery storage, rooftop works and EV charging points. These technologies are not just at the cutting edge of what the industry offers currently, but are set to be a crucial part of the way in which the world tomorrow works. The team of Ground Mount installers is one of the best in the country, and has been responsible of the delivery of many successful projects, including the UK’s first subsidy-free solar farm known as ‘Clayhill’. Completed in 2017, this utility scale hybrid installation consists of 10MW of solar and 6MW of energy storage. The skill to achieve this comes from the very top of the company, with the firm’s director having overseen the mechanical install of over a GW of photovoltaic Ground Mount systems. His skillset incorporates project management, advice and consultation – the core tenets of what DwD Renewables offers its clients. Installing these systems requires a team who can not only provide the solar panels and the awareness of where to put them, but can get stuck in when it comes to the installation process too. The team at DwD Renewables have made a name for themselves as one which offers impressive piling services. They are specialists in the unique demands of solar piling rigs, being able to offer help and advice throughout a complex process. Whilst providing Gayk or Orteco Turchi piling machines, which are purposely designed for solar and crash barrier works, W Solar energy is one of the most important resources in the battle for sustainable energy implementation, requiring leading suppliers to constantly look for the best the industry can provide. The team at DwD Renewables has made their name in offering some of the UK’s largest and most complex Ground Mount solar PV parks. We take a closer look, following their epic achievements in the Construction and Engineering Awards 2022 from BUILD. Best Ground Mount Installation Specialists 2022 – UK & BUILD Excellence Award in Solar Energy Solutions 2022 the team are also able to offer additional services including site investigation, recommendation reports, GPS flagging, full marking out of the site and transport equipment hire. Despite the enormous array of ground conditions that they have faced over the years, the team at DwD Renewables have proven capable of installing 300 posts a day in most circumstances. It’ll come as little surprise that PV systems operate best in direct sunlight, with any blockage having a major impact on the success of the system. What many do not consider, however, is that electricity can be generated, even when conditions are not entirely favourable. Unshaded, south-facing surfaces usually produce the best results, and these can be most easily found on rooftops. As such, the team at DwD Renewables has gained a wealth of experience surveying and installing various rooftop projects with a dedicated team. Solar panel systems can be applied in myriad ways, with domestic, commercial and community customers all benefitting from installation. Some of the various esteemed clients amongst which the team have worked include the NHS in Manchester, Brixham Fish Market, Blackpool College and Newquay Caravan Parks. That the team have been able to find solutions for this incredible range of situations, up and down the UK, shows the incredible versatility of their solutions and the potential impact of these solutions if implemented correctly. With rising usage of electric cars, more public spaces require EV charging points. The DwD Renewables team has already engaged with businesses on this front, installing a large EV bus charging station in the UK. Such is the skill of their work, however, that the team can have these points installed in the home, workplaces or even on commercial property. Much innovative work has been encouraged by government grants which support such developments. Of course, the work of renewable energy solutions has been made considerably easier by the rapidly evolving technology of batteries. The team at DwD Renewables understands this better than most, and have harnessed the constantly growing power of batteries to push technology to ever-greater heights. The team can take surplus energy and store it for later use, as opposed to exporting it to the national grid. The intermittent DwD Renewables