Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 21 Safeguard Scaffolding found itself having to be extremely careful during the renovations process, overcoming a plethora of problems that could only be overcome by bringing in certain specialists so it could find out exactly what materials were needed and what access was required. For example, it operated with the help of ‘ENGIE’, a multinational utilities company that had a wide range of resources for such a project. Indeed, having carried out this renovation to exemplary standards and impressing Historic England – key stakeholders of the building – it has shown its ability to carry out similarly complex works in the future, and looks forward to doing so. It will of course also continue to apply this same level of diligence and tenacity to all its other projects, with health and safety operatives and other traders on site being well looked after by its commitment to secure and riskfree workspaces. Moreover, this commitment extends all the way through to the client’s end user; Safeguard Scaffolding is always ready to hear any comments, concerns, critiques, or general feedback from anyone involved with the buildings it works on, striving to better itself as a result. It refuses to cut corners when it comes to safeguarding workers, clients, end users, or specialists, ensuring the double lanyards and safety helmets with chin straps are issued as standard, proving itself time and again by the quality of its work. Having entered into membership with the NASC – opening it up to a different client base in major construction companies – Safeguard Scaffolding hopes to secure works for a major housebuilding company, in the process of extending its premises and purchasing additional materials in line with its current growth. Consequentially, it is excited to see where this growth takes it, its industry, and its clients in the future. Company: Safeguard Scaffolding Northwest Limited Contact: Karl Melling Website: omestic, commercial, and industrial scaffolding is the name of the game for Safeguard Scaffolding Northwest Limited. In short, it has made itself a cornerstone of the scaffolding industry that targets the residential market, using its years of cultivated skills and experience in order to expend to include scaffolding for commercial and industrial clients. Nominally, the white-hot core of this company is in working to always push the sector to the highest possible standard, ensuring all work it undertakes is to the highest possible standards in terms of respect, health, safety, quality, and risk management, allowing clients to rest assured that its scaffolding solutions are some of the most reliable ones in the business. Expanding to include scaffolding for commercial and industrial clients recently, it has maintained its previous principles staunchly throughout this expansion, guaranteeing that a client can still find the satisfying and impeccable scaffolding work that it has become known for; they are just available for a broader diversity of clients than ever before. In this manner, it does both internal and external scaffold works, and has ben able to expand its renown within the industry by gaining the trust and respect enough to be chosen to work on listed buildings, such as the York Magistrate Court when a piece of plaster fell and needed seeing to urgently. Most Trusted Domestic & Commercial Scaffolding Business - Northwest England With Safeguard Scaffolding Northwest Limited, a client can always expect the highest quality of safety and due diligence to be implemented as standard. With its recent expansions – both in terms of physical office space and client base – it has made a name for itself in all corners of its sector. Thus, it looks forward to continuing to garner renown and goodwill from a variety of different professionals, serving both commercial and domestic properties that require a variety of internal and external scaffolding works in order to accomplish necessary renovations. D Jun22653