Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 22 Whether it be a community sports hall, school gym or preforming arts space, the Pacific Seating team will work closely with the client, architects, or general contractors to deliver a customised solution for each project’s individual requirements. Pacific Seating (AUS) Pty Ltd Telephone: +61 2 6586 4144 acific Seating’s mission is to define the future of smarter seating solutions. The team at Pacific Seating possess years of experience and knowledge prior to going to market with their new initiatives. It is a goal of theirs to have able-bodied and disabled spectators integrate within seating units. A single group of people seated together enjoying their chosen experience alongside their friends and family. Education and community facilities can accommodate all participants with the one system through this smarter seating solution. Each new idea must achieve an outcome for the facilities and the end users – the spectators. “With innovation there must be advancement”. Pacific Seating’s products offer each facility a competitive advantage in set-up and pull-down times compared to what has been offered to the market previously. This operational edge alongside versatile, comfortable seating options with vivid colours, all add to the spectator or student experience. Pacific Seating is a quality designer and manufacturer of engineered retractable seating systems. Pacific Seating’s retractable seating units offer architects, building contractors, city councils and facility managers a tailored seating solution fit for every project. P Apr22476 Most Innovative and Customised Seating Company - Australia 2022